This agency was set up around the principle of the Tenth Man – to rail against conformity and group-think by approaching the world with a contrarian mindset.

Sinéad O’Connor was the living manifestation of this.

A singer, songwriter, musician, performer, actor, activist, mother, grandmother, sister, daughter. She was a lot of things to a lot of people, but in the words of Ice-T, unlike most people, she stood for something.

On the heartbreaking occasion of her passing, we wanted to mark the moment with a statement to symbolise what she meant to Ireland. The weekend before her burial, we took to Bray Head to construct a tribute to welcome her home. In recent years, gorse fires had uncovered a WWII sign saying Éire, showing aerial bombers that they were flying over a neutral country, one that believes in peace. Along with our good friend and frequent collaborator Mack Signs, we added giant lettering to the sign as a gesture to welcome Sinéad home to the town she loved. Filming by drone at dawn, we shared it with the world, who shared our sentiments exactly.

In Sinéad’s own words, “our job as artists is to be ourselves. And in doing so, to inspire other people to be themselves”. Thanks for being everything to us, Sinéad.

Rest In Peace.

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