Ireland Music Week 2023: Establishing Authentic Relationships Between Brands & Musicians

Music is the beating heart of society, but many marketing strategies either ignore it or only scratch the surface. Listen to Eric Davidson, Erica Cody, Nealo speaking at Ireland Music Week 2023.

At The Tenth Man we’ve shown that when utilised correctly, we can create lasting, emotional and powerful connections between brands and audiences, all while not simply using artists as a vessel to achieve it. Instead creating something meaningful and unique.

We explore campaigns under multiple cultural lenses, but at Ireland Music Week 2023 we sent Eric Davidson to discuss collaborations in music.

Music is the universal language. That’s become a little bit of an old trope at this point. But it’s true. It transcends barriers, has the power to evoke emotions and forge connections like no other cultural touchpoint. For brands, this is often seen as a shortcut to tap into a consumer’s emotions. Sadly, that’s often where it ends for a brand. A sense of co-curation and co-creation of the final output is often missing.

By partnering with musicians, brands can strengthen their connection with their customers, create memorable experiences, and amplify their message. However, to achieve success, brands must approach these collaborations with care and authenticity.

Eric Davidson, Erica Cody & Nealo. Photos by Matt Gorman.

In this talk Eric discusses the green flags for brand collaboration. He’s also joined by two musicians with a wealth of knowledge when it comes to working with brands in authentic ways. Erica Cody and Nealo. They discuss said authenticity, finding a mutual benefit, creative freedom, establishing long-term relationships and more. 

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