The brief

In January we teamed up with Irish hip-hop trio Kneecap to create a stunt to celebrate the premiere of the band’s first film, ‘Kneecap’. The band arrived on the red carpet at the Sundance Film Festival in a fully kitted-out Northern Irish PSNI Land Rover, complete with the band’s name spray painted across the vehicle, designed and executed in house at The Tenth Man. 

Our Role

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No strangers to controversy, this latest stunt was designed to provoke reaction and conversation around the Irish language and Irish politics as the world watches. And it did just that. Prominent features of the stunt in BBC, Variety, Hollywood Reporter, The Face, Daily Mail (maybe not for the right reasons!), and closer to home making the 6pm and 9pm RTÉ News on two separate evenings. 

The PSNI Land Rover has become an important symbol in Kneecap’s work. The stunt draws awareness to the premiere of ‘Kneecap’, the first Irish language film ever to screen at the Sundance Film Festival. Directed by Rich Peppiatt and also starring Oscar award nominee Michael Fassbender, the feature is a semi-fictionalised tale of how the trio was formed in the wake of growing demand for Irish language protections in the North of Ireland. 

“When we were making plans for Sundance we knew we wanted to show the world what Kneecap are all about,” says Kneecap’s manager Dan Lambert. “We wanted to do something big, something Sundance won’t forget. So we spoke with the team at The Tenth Man and hatched a plan to reclaim the notorious Peeler Land Rover and commandeer it as our own.”

The film was picked up before the premiere for international distribution by Sony Pictures Classics. Our very own Ken Robertson said to press that TTM has been big Kneecap fans for a very long time.

“So when we heard that their new film was to be the first Irish language film to premiere at Sundance Film Festival in Utah, we knew this was a cultural moment that needed to be celebrated in true Kneecap style.”

Féach ar stunt The Tenth Man agus Kneecap anseo: