Shaq Meets His Match With Pointsbet

The brief

Aussie betting giant PointsBet recruited us to work with their superstar brand ambassador Shaquille O’Neal to create a campaign that highlights how the sportsbook’s app is ‘Built Different’.

Our Role

  • Creative
  • Studio
  • TV

So how did we create a campaign for Shaq to match his larger than life personality?

Well, we knew we’d have to find an Aussie with the requisite stature for ‘the Big Aristotle’ to bounce off…

Thus, Shaq-O was born.

Over the course of 4 TVCs we show how Shaq has finally met his match in Aussie doppelganger Shaq-O, as the former NBA star discovers that the only thing ‘Built Different’, is, in fact, the PointsBet app.

This construct allowed us to hero the features of PointsBet’s app in a striking way that also gave the brand the flexibility to switch in different offers into the TVCs across the sporting calendar.

But most importantly it gave us the opportunity to make Shaq arm wrestle himself, for which we will be forever grateful.