Lightning Strikes with PointsBet

The brief

PointsBet Sportsbook is a challenger brand in U.S. sports betting. They have around 3.7% market share and partnered with TTM to help them punch above their weight.

Our Role

  • Creative
  • Digital


They asked us to generate buzz about their Lightning Bets product, minus the monster budgets of their rivals. We needed to do something that would spark off the American public and gain real talkability amongst the NFL fanbase.

The Idea

Take their brand ambassador, ex-NFL QB Drew Brees and fake a video of him getting struck by lightning. We never usually set out to shock…

In reality, we had captured Drew on a green screen in San Diego, and worked with a VFX studio to create a ‘behind the scenes’ video clip of Drew getting struck by lightning.

We then “leaked” this video through a Venezuelan journalist on Twitter and, well, watched the internet short circuit.

After the initial shock (and a few blown fuses), we promptly resurrected Drew to announce Pointsbet’s Lightning Bet offer ahead of the USA Vs The Netherlands in the 2022 World Cup – cue a huge surge in bets placed.

Our shocking stunt had been a thundering success. We faked it and we made it.


When the dust settled, we launched our Your Move campaign. Capturing the moments our punters play with PointsBet, we created the Swagger – a dance move that represents that feeling of playing with PointsBet.

We created a suite of TV spots that allowed PointsBet to promote their entire range of markets, products and offers. The moment a Lightning Bet notification lands. The anticipation of a big Same Game Parlay to pay out. The delight in Cashing Out at the perfect moment.

5MViews on the leaked video

No.1 On Google trends

#2Trending on Twitter

$9MIn media coverage