Jameson Connects The Spirit Of Collaboration

The brief

In early 2020, we worked with Jameson to launch Jameson Connects in Ireland – the first launch of the platform globally. Jameson Connects is a brand platform designed for the Jameson community, housing exclusive content, the best competitions, first look at collaborations, the list for tickets to the famed Jameson experiential events, and incredible opportunities to demonstrate the Jameson positioning, Widen The Circle.

Our Role

  • Creative
  • Digital

The Idea

Widening The Circle involves bringing people together through the shared love of Jameson and all it stands for. So with collaboration in mind, TTM began working on a series inspired by the brand DNA. Our Jameson Connects collaborations bring together artists from different disciplines to blend their talents and create a track from scratch that drops on the platform, with exclusive first listens at electrifying Jameson Connects events.

What We Did

Now in its sixth iteration of the series, Jameson Connects has brought together an incredible roster of artists from the worlds of hip hop, R&B, electronica and indie, championing talent through the power of the platform. Collaborations to date have included Monjola x Biig Piig, Murli x Elaine Mai, Daithi x Maverick Sabre and SOAK x Soda Blonde, with more in the pipeline.

Each track is a moment unto itself, and gets the treatment it deserves – which means concept-driven teaser films and performance films capturing the first live show featuring our most special guests – the Jameson Connects community. These collabs have played out on festival stages and in hallowed venues across the country, and show no signs of slowing down…

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