Jameson Connects Thailand & India

The brief

Biig Piig & Monjola, Maverick Sabre & Daithi, Murli & Elaine Mai, Soda Blonde & Soak… Over the last 18 months we’ve been working with the Jameson team in Ireland to connect artists who’ve never worked together before. Remixes, new songs, live covers, the sky’s the limit for the collaborations with Jameson Connects.

Our Role

  • Creative
  • Culture
  • Digital
  • Films
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Now we’ve taken the project global.

“The beauty of connection? It can happen anywhere. You never know who you might meet — whether they’re from down the street or from the opposite end of the world.’

Jameson Connects brought New Delhi-based producer and DJ, Jay Pei, together with Thai indie pop artist Hinano to create a new song. We shot and produced a three-part series explores their creative journey, travelling from Delhi to Bangkok in the process, eventually performing the track at Wonderfruit Festival in Pattaya.

Watch two episodes detailing the collaboration process below, then watch the music video for ‘Girl In Your Dreams’.

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