Life Style Sports: For The Love Of It

The brief

Sport is more than the struggle. It’s about how it makes you feel. It’s a lifestyle… and with that insight, voilà. Introducing For The Love Of It, our positioning for the much loved Life Style Sports.

Our Role

  • Creative
  • Culture
  • Digital
  • Films
  • OOH
  • Strategy
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To compete in a fiercely fought category, 2022 saw Life Style Sports needing a new brand positioning and creative campaign that would cut through the noise and inspire the next wave of growth for their business along the way.

Through primary and secondary research with the Life Style Sports team and shoppers, we dug deep into the customer set, understanding what resonates with them and how the brands they love behave. And within the research, we found the opportunity…

A commonly used trope of sports advertising zeroes in on the physical challenge – the struggle, the blood, sweat and tears. On the other end of things, emerging athleisure brands focus on looking good, with little emphasis on physical exercise at all. And, while these factors are important to people – they’re not their primary motivation.

People exercise for the feeling it gives them; the rush of energy, the confidence, the belief in themselves. Today ,they exercise simply because they love it. This understanding and insight formed the basis of a new brand positioning for Life Style Sports – For the Love of It.

The output is a multi-channel approach, threading this new positioning through every aspect of Life Style Sports, from internal brand books and onboarding materials to a TTL launch campaign and refreshed website.

Our launch campaign focuses on the stories of our Life Style Sports Champions; individuals and groups who represent the ‘For The Love Of It’ attitude. From well-known sports personalities like Katie McCabe, to amateur community run clubs like Fun Guys Run Club, this is about holding a mirror up and celebrating those who do it For The Love Of It.

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