TG4 Peil na mBan

The brief

Create a stirring launch campaign to showcase TG4’s sponsorship of the 2023 LGFA season and support for Ladies’ Gaelic Football in Ireland.

Our Role

  • Films
  • OOH
  • Print
  • Studio
  • TV

Not all heroes wear capes. Over the last few years, we’ve begun to see many of them wearing LGFA jerseys. And it’s about time.

Across all parts of society, barriers, glass ceilings and old orders are being smashed in pursuit of a society where gender equality is our reality. At a national Irish level, this includes the realm of Gaelic Football. When TG4 briefed us to create a film for Peil na mBan, we knew we would produce a display of power, pride, defiance and strength. It’s been a long time coming, so to help tell this story, we developed a creative idea based on the concept From Cradle To Croke Park.

Our hero 30” film charts the evolution of Peil na mBan as experienced by those at the forefront – the players. Directed by the brilliant Rosie Barrett, beginning on the sidelines with a tiny little lady, we see the evolution of a passion, how love for the sport at a young age can develop into an intrinsic force within a person’s life, and can bring you to unimaginable heights. We focused on one player in particular, Louise Ní Mhuircheartaigh, following her journey from the spark of a love for the game through to her dedication and perseverance through to her place at the top of the game today. From cradle to Croker, baby to hero, the ball is the silver thread that goes through Louise’s life – and those of others involved in Peil na mBan. We end with an epic shot on the pitch of Croke Park, a tribute to the heroes who have gone before to pave the way, those whose stars are in the ascendant and those who will be inspired to rise for the future of Peil na mBan.

Keep an eye out for more coming from this campaign over the summer.

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