The brief

Eastern European sports entertainment giants Superbet approached Tenth Man with a simple brief and a super-sized ask.

Bring the brand’s new GO SUPER slogan to life through a series of standout TTL campaigns to be launched across multiple markets.

Our Role

  • Creative
  • Digital
  • OOH

Go Super? No problem.

We know the ordinary contains the extraordinary. It’s a simple fact of magic. So we brought GO SUPER to life by transforming the ordinary everyday into a series of serious wow. From travelling on the bus to snoozing in a sleepy barber shop, SuperBet has the ability to make any moment, well, super.

And see here – as part of the campaign, we developed a unique brand aesthetic and visual device that comes to life across every touchpoint.

Translating the idea across markets? Also no problem. We created multiple edits of each film that keeps the same narrative while giving each market custom scenes that feature their own unique national brand ambassadors. Super bespoke, if you will.

TTM Delivered:

30” TVCs across multiple markets
Key Visuals for print, social and digital