PLAY as a passion project has evolved to become one of the core pillars of our business allowing us to immerse ourselves in projects as diverse as talent identification, new brand and product launches, sports sponsorship activations, music festivals, cultural partnerships, eSports and much, much more.


  • Talent Identification
  • Brand Launches
  • Product Launches
  • Sports Sponsorship
  • eSports
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We offer a breadth of experience as a team. We have a diverse group of minds with deep, lived experience in sports and entertainment – as sports players and participants, as coaches, spectators, fans, DJs and cultural promoters, as consumers of culture in all shapes and sizes, as music fans, art fans, film makers and creators, as design geeks and lovers of anything that seeks to entertain.

Secondly, we also bring focus in the shape of the same consistent Tenth Man lens; that clarity to know how to challenge the marketing groupthink that leads to the same old tired formats being used to, unsuccessfully, get a brand talked about.

What excites us above all else is the opportunity to collaborate with clients and partners to use our collective skill sets and bring interesting things out into the world. Things that move people. Things that people want to watch and be a part of. Things that entertain.